College Athletics

Introducing Coaches Vue

Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach to recruiting student athletes, our team founded Coaches Vue with a clear vision. Our mission is to:

  • Simplify The Athletic Recruitment Process.
  • Immersive Tours of Facilities, Accessible Anywhere, Anytime.
  •  Equip Teams with Advanced Recruitment Technology.
  • Ready Recruits for Success Well in Advance with Our Educate Feature.
  • Forge Deeper Connections Between Coaches and Recruits.


At Coaches Vue, we have revolutionized the way coaches showcase their campus, connect with, and educate potential student-athletes.


Our platform complements physical tours by enabling education and pre-onboarding of recruits, setting the stage for their informed and enthusiastic arrival.

What is Coaches Vue?

Immersive Experience

Coaches Vue enables a dynamic entry into campus life, offering recruits and their families virtual reality tours that feel as real as being there, setting a vivid, first impression before any physical visit.

Boosting Interest & Engagement

Amplify your program’s appeal and maintain continuous, meaningful connections with recruits, ensuring your team stands out in the competitive world of recruiting.

Educate & Expedite Onboarding

Launch recruits ahead of the curve with pre-arrival training that ensures they’re both academically and athletically prepared before their first day, setting a new standard for excellence.